Inspired by The Vignette

Vignette – originally taken from the French word meaning little vine – is often used in styling terms to describe an arrangement of small objects gathered together to make up a story. It is not only the colour and size of the objects but the placement of each one that makes it so appealing to the eye, hence why I could just look at these all day.

Kara Rosenlund, a Brisbane based stylist and so called vignette queen blows me away with her amazing eye and talent for these. I notice these sorts of arrangements all over the place, from the online world to the real one, and for some reason they just make me happy.

Some of her vignettes for your Wednesday morning.


Kara Rosenlund Kara Rosenlund Kara Rosenlund Kara Rosenlund Vignette_Kara Rosenlund

Notice the arrangement of the pieces and the colours used – love xx

All images by the amazing Kara Rosenlund, check out her blog for more gorgeous pics here.

So hot right now // Catering companies

Catering companies have a lot to offer these days. Not only will they cater your event with delicious nibbles and keep your guests happy, they can also source out great venues, organise staff to serve you and even make the room look pretty. These guys are fast becoming a one stop shop for parties and events, and with spring racing carnival, christmas and wedding season just around the corner what better time than now to source out a few good ones.


Bright Young Things

A favourite of mine, these guys have been around for a while. They have a list of amazing venues for your party – large or small, and also pride themselves in a great crew, who will look after you from get go. They offer style advice, with a creative and flexible approach. Now offering healthy byte options too.

Blakes Feast

A premier boutique catering company, Andrew Blake is a well known Melbourne chef, with many family run restaurants. He promises that every client will speak with, be cooked for or served by one of their family and will not be disappointed.

Ed Dixon Food Design

Catering for corporate and private clients, from morning teas to boardroom meetings, to lavish cocktail weddings. They are passionate about their food and of course design, and value locally grown, seasonal and ethically sourced produce.

Egg Unlimited

Specialises in canapés of the bread and pastry kind. They create yummy hampers for any event, with a new wellness range that focuses on seasonable, sustainable and positive eating.


Catering companies Catering companiesCatering_Blakesfeast


Images sourced from top to bottom

Egg Unlimited // Ed Dixon Food & Design // Blakes Feast // Bright Young Things

The card for every occasion

I don’t really need a special occasion to buy someone a card, heck sometimes I don’t even need a person to buy a card for. I fall in love with cute little cards all over the place, and often buy them in hope that they will find a new home soon enough.

Here are a few I’m loving at the moment x

Greeting card Greeting cardGreeting cardGreeting card Greeting card Greeting card


Thanks + Congrats by Rifle Paper Co.

Why hello there by Amelia Lane Paper 

Celebrate + LOVE by Elm Paper

It’s your birthday by Kikki K



You may have noticed lately that I have been posting a little more regularly than usual, and for those who subscribe to my post updates via email, I’m sure you have heard from me a bit more than most weeks. This, along with a few other changes is only the start to hopefully a new and improved yellowpeaches site for all of you to enjoy! And of course so I don’t annoy you too much (hmm not that that is possible, right?) I have now introduced the option of subscribing to a new weekly newsletter…, where you will receive a week of posts all in one, every Friday morning straight to your inbox!

If you would prefer this option instead of an email every time I post, just send me a quick note here with newsletter in the comments field and I will update your preferences for you. If you are happy to receive for every post, then no need to do anything! AND if you haven’t signed up to anything, then, well, what are you waiting for – don’t miss out on all the great stuff happening –> fill in your details on the right hand side of this page and hey presto – you are all done!

Weekly newsletters will keep you up to date with all of my weekly posts (incase you miss anything), along with any news and up + coming competitions/giveaways!



Cactus Crush!!

I can’t get enough of these pretty cactus shots // I love the shapes, the colours, the symmetric design and simple art of them. They are so California dessert, so 60’s and would look so good in my apartment! They make me feel like going on a wild adventure to New Mexico, just jumping in a car and driving to nowhere and everywhere, embracing the freedom of summer and all that it brings.

Eeek, I have a serious cactus crush x


Yellow peachesCactus crush Yellow peaches Cactus crush Yellow peaches

Images all via Pinterest

Got a bit of a cactus crush yourself…., check out more inspo on my Pinterest page xx




Loving your locals: Mary Mary Studio

Loving your locals

My apartment is always full of fresh flowers.

Bright, colourful flowers that smell like spring and make me happy every time I see them.

My girlfriends recently bought me a heart Lovestar vase for my birthday that hangs up on my wall and I think – quite frankly every time I see it – it makes my day. I usually pick wild flowers from my garden or head to my local markets to keep up the daily dose, and do try to save my gorgeous florists for special occasions. However, I have to admit, that sometimes I come across a place, a new place that I just have to try, and all that goes out the window.

Mary Mary Studio has been my latest weakness, hence the feature on loving your locals; not only for their passion for flowers and all things pretty, they also make a mean bouquet. Working from Melbourne with mostly online services, you can pick, purchase and send all from your home or office. Bouquets start from $15 including delivery – not bad for making someone’s day x

AND a special for this week too, every bouquet or arrangement sold during the week of mental health week (5-12 October) Mary Mary will amazingly donate 50% of profits to beyondblue – a fabulous charity that helps people fight depression and anxiety.


Looking for other florists in Melbourne – check out my Top 5: Melbourne florists here

Images above all via: Mary Mary Studio

Happy Mantra: Let’s give thanks

Lets give thanks

Image via: weheartit

In fear of sounding like I’m just about to sit down for a thanks-giving dinner – I think we should all give thanks.

Me personally, I do try to give thanks, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, or sometimes just when I remember…, but I know I don’t do it nearly enough as I should. Giving thanks, or being grateful, as talked about by many a psychologist, wellness coach and even Oprah Winfrey is something we should all try and bring into our everyday lives. Not only does it make you appreciate all the things you do have, but it makes you feel like what you have is enough, which in the end makes you happier. Recent studies show that being grateful for what you have makes you happier and more content in your life than someone who is always on the look out for more. And in this day and age where we are always on the search for more money, more holidays and better relationships – I certainly would like to be the former.

So with that I remind myself to be grateful – each and everyday, and I remind you to be grateful too.


Today I am grateful for sunshine, weekends, family and the little people who give me hugs and kisses and seriously make my day.


What are you feeling grateful for today?


TOP 5: tips + tricks for booking your next flight

There is nothing better than that just booked holiday feeling! The excitement of things to come…, the planning of what you will do, and all the places you will see. Yep, I have just experienced it – and now new year’s can’t come quick enough! I am however a tad disappointed about not scoring myself a cheap flight this time around, as nothing compliments that holiday feeling better than knowing you got a great deal on your flights. With more money to spend on the good stuff, who wouldn’t want that??

But sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t, and hey it’s taken me this long to book a holiday so I am happy with that. But I did think I would share with you the usual things I do when booking my flights online – as 9 times out of 10, it comes up with the goods.

Top 5: tips for booking a flight


My Top 5 tips + tricks when booking your next flight online

> Fly mid-week

Not only does this break up a working week, research shows that the cheapest day to fly is a Wednesday. If you can be flexible with your dates, try to book mid-week and certainly not over the weekend. The cheapest day to buy tickets online is also a Tuesday.

> Sign up to weekly emails / specials from airlines

If you know where you are going and have a few weeks up your sleeve before you book, sign up for weekly emails from airlines letting you know when sales are happening. Keep an eye out for happy hour sales (Virgin does a great happy hour every Thursday from 4-11pm) and monthly sales (Qantas often do great sales to London and LA but usually only for a couple of days at a time), a great time to book if you can.

> Book yourself

By all means use search companies such as skyscanner and farecompare to check out cheap flights, but this doesn’t mean you need to book through them. Once you have found the cheapest flights, go straight to the airlines website and book. This will usually save you the admin/service fee and cutting out that middle man is a sure way to keep costs low.

> Do your research for school holidays, long weekends

This might sound obvious to some, but if you are booking a holiday in advance you might forget that a public holiday or holidays such as Easter can fall on the days you want to fly. If you can, try booking the day after, as usually the prices will fall dramatically.

> Avoid paying by credit card

Last but not least, we all hate the sting of an admin or credit card fee, so check out other ways to pay. Some airlines now offer a payment option via bank transfer/bpay (for people that have the cash) – paying via bank transfer with Jetstar for example allows you to save up to $18 per flight.


Hope these tips are helpful, and as always would love to hear if you have any others that you use!



Confetti me up!

As we head into the warmer months, I find myself dreaming about all the summer parties we are going to have, not to mention the ones that I hopefully plan! I have been loving all the confetti ideas popping up around the place; from balloons to invites, to websites where you can make your own!

I know, I hear you, it can be super messy, but we are all adults here, and besides, there are many ways you can incorporate it into your party minus the mess (well some ways anyway).

Here are a few of my favs x

Confetti me up Confetti me up Confetti me upConfetti me upConfetti me up

Above images via:

Balloons + Party Bags // Poppies For Grace

Push Pop // Image via Pinterest // can also be purchased from Lark Store

Customise your own Confetti // Confetti Bar

Invitations // Misiu

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