I love vision boards. Not only are they like having a giant Pinterest board up on my wall, they are also a constant reminder of my goals that I am working towards every day. Vision boards can work in two ways. Firstly to start a vision board you actually need to think about your goals and what you want to achieve. This opens your mind to all the possibilities and ideas that you often think about but never actually put to paper. It starts the ball rolling, the first step one might say to begin the process of reaching those goals.

Secondly (and of course the best part) it works through the simple idea of law of attraction. As you visualise things every day, and act as if you already have them, they will begin to manifest into your life.


How to make a vision board

How to make a vision board:

Step 1 >

Decide what you want your vision board to be about. What is the goal you want to achieve? Do you want a new job, or save up to go on that holiday, or do you just want to be more present and content in the every day. Once you have decided what it is you want, write it down – make it clear in your head.

Step 2 >

Once this has been done you can now search for images that reflect these goals. Look for bright and colourful images, ones that make you feel happy when you see them. The best place to find these would be in your favourite mags, newspapers or online. Pinterest is really good for this, as you can search pretty much anything (right click to save / or print). Don’t forget to add one or two of your favourite quotes, as affirmations are the start to bringing your goals to life. Once you have collected enough images, I recommend using a cork board or a large sheet of cardboard to attach everything to. Lay out your images first and see what feels right. Once happy with the layout, you can stick/pin them on.

Step 3 >

Once you have all your images stuck down, place your vision board somewhere you can look at it everyday – this can be your bedroom wall, kitchen fridge or even on your mirror.

Make sure every time you look at it, you imagine your life with all these things in it, and notice how you feel when you do. Use this also as a reminder to be grateful of everything you already have, which will allow you to be more open in receiving too.


I hope this encourages you to create one if you haven’t already, or maybe even start a fresh one if yours is getting a little tired. Remember goals changes, or sometimes you reach them without even noticing! As always, would love to hear how you go.


Link love: Free Printables

The world wide web is full of some pretty amazing things these days and if you look hard enough you can find almost anything. At the moment I keep coming across all these wonderful free printables that people have to offer – it’s such a great way to showcase your talent and generosity, and boy is there some out there! And as long as you have a printer these babys can be all yours.

If only I was talented enough to make my own, but for now, I must take what I am given.

Check out the links below on where to find these super cute free printables…


Free Printables

Free PrintablesFree Printables Free Printables Free Printables

From top to bottom :

// cocoandmingo invites

// simple as that confetti invites

// nalles house September calendar

// oh happy day wrapping paper

// house that lars built stationery



Dreaming of a land far away

What is it about Africa that is so enchanting… is it the vast open spaces… the wildness of the land, or maybe it is the breathtakingly perfect sky lines. As a holiday destination it seems to have it all – adventure, relaxation, luxury and balmy nights.

There is something so calming about the soft earthy tones, the creams and dusty pinks that make you feel connected with the earth. For me, I love the way they so effortlessly bring the outside in… making you feel that connection no matter where you are. For high end luxury and style this is certainly on my list… x


Africa dreaming Africa dreaming Africa dreamingAfrica dreaming Africa dreamingAfrica dreaming

Images all taken from: Go2Africa

Bliss xx

The search for the perfect rug…

I have been on the hunt lately for the perfect rug…, ok so when I say hunt, I really mean expedition and when I say lately we could be talking the last six months. But in a recent desire to bring my apartment up a notch, I had made the decision to invest in a rug that was both colourful and textured, yet not too bold or out there that it would take away from the rest of my place…

I have taken on this challenge with full steam, and although I don’t think I have found the perfect one for me yet, I am seriously loving the Mexican-Gypsy styles coming out for summer…

Here are a few of my favs at the moment;


The search for the perfect rug

1. Arro Chain Rug – Arro home is a super cute new homewares and lifestyle label. They have simple and refreshing prints and design, and very cool rugs. With all products created by Melbourne designers, its def worth a look.

2. Loom Berber Rug – Loom has some seriously gorgeous and stylish rugs. Some can be a bit on the pricey side, but if you are looking for a one off piece you will have forever, this is your one stop shop.

*rug mantra also taken from Loom

3. Ikea Rug – you can’t go wrong with Ikea, they have some great stuff coming out for summer, and with these prices, everyone can afford it too!

4. Armadillo Crosscut Rug – Armadillo not only have beautiful rugs, but they are so very affordable. I love how they support local communities in India and Nepal too, and clearly have a love for everyone they work with.

5. Freedom Albion Rug – I’m loving all of Freedom’s stuff at the moment – especially their summer rage – def worth a squizz

6. Armadillo Dandelion Rug – just love this design


Loving your locals: Almond Milk

Loving your locals_almond milk

For over 12 months now I have completely cut out cow’s milk from my diet. It all started with a simple detox, where I removed all dairy (among other things), and couldn’t believe how good I felt. As I started to slowly introduce certain things back into my diet, I made a decision to cut cow’s milk out all together and to be honest have never looked back. My digestion thanks me every day and I never get that bloated full feeling any more. I wouldn’t say I was lactose intolerant, I just think my body works better without it and seems to process other foods a lot better now.

I soon found a substitute in soy milk, mostly for breakfast and in my coffee (a vice I just can’t live without) but remained conscious of its high sugar and preservative content, and therefore tried not to consume too much. I often dabbled in drinking almond milk with my porridge or smoothies from time to time, to give myself a break, but alas my daily coffee I could not go without!

So you can imagine my delight when my local barista casually mentions that he now stocks almond milk if I would like to try it with my next latte!! Yes please!! And he buys it from a local Melbourne girl who makes it in her home – umm yes please! Being healthy and supporting local businesses too – that is my kind of treat!

So I thought I would give a little shout out to some locals who make almond milk in Melbourne. All these guys supply to local organic shops if you prefer to drink at home, but now also supply to some great cafes around Melbourne so you too can enjoy your latte or chai if dairy is not your thing x


Almond Milk is not only high in protein, vitamins and minerals, but also in living enzymes and healthy omega fatty acids. It is super good for you, and tastes yum too!

My favourite Melbourne / local almond milks are;

–> Almond Milk Co

Made in Melbourne this almond milk has a great silky texture and blends really well with coffee. Its is probably the most stocked almond milk in Melbourne cafes, you will find it at some of my favs – Hawk & Hunter, The Little Ox, Coin Laundry and Hello Sailor (click here for more).

–> Nuts Over Milk

Another great raw almond milk, handmade in Melbourne using 100% bio-dynamic almonds. Their milk has not undergone any commercial heating and contains no thickeners or additives. Currently used at Yardmill cafe in Toorak.

–> Latte Di Mandorla

This unpasteurised almond milk is made fresh daily using Victorian grown biodynamic almonds. It is pure & nutritious with no additives or preservatives. You can find it at Feast of Merit in Richmond. They also make lavender and cacao flavoured milks, which can be enjoyed hot or cold!


If you would like to know more about where you can find almond milk in your local area or health food shop, just ask me in the comments box below and I will be more than happy to find out for you x

Above images via: Latte Di Mandorla, BroadsheetAlmond Milk Co

Happy Mantra: be free

Happy Mantra - Be Free

I took this photo when I was on route to my last holiday – and every time I look at it, it makes me smile.

Being free is something I often struggle with – letting go, having faith, surrendering & trusting that the universe knows what she’s doing…

So this week I’m reminding myself to be free.

How about you? What will you do this week to feel free ? x



It’s just a minty kinda day…

One week and counting…!

I’m starting to get a little excited that spring is just around the corner guys, and even more so after our fabulous weekend of Melbourne sunshine! With longer days and blossom in the air, we are well and truly on our way to the warmer months (yay).

So I thought a little inspo from my favourite pastel mate would do the trick…

He is after all very spring, very chic and very in!


Mint_kikkik Its just a minty kinda day Its just a minty kinda day Its just a minty kinda dayIts just a minty kinda day Its just a minty kinda day Its just a minty kinda day

From top to bottom

1. kikki k stationary // 2. tuckbox stool // 3. balloons // 4. the family tree love chair

5. smeg fridge // 6. boyfriend watch // 7. bottles

Top 5: ideas for your next outdoor party

With spring just around the corner, I am loving the buzz of up and coming summer parties and the talk of warmer weather on its way! As spring babies start to plan their birthday parties I’m getting the feel it’s all about long lazy lunches, bright posies and cute bunting. I’m imagining fairy lights covering tables full of yummy food, while we all sip on mimosas as the sun goes down! Yes please!

Check out below my top 5: ideas for your next outdoor party to get the ideas flowing…


Top 5: outdoor party ideas

Lights // no outdoor party is complete without some lights! This has to be the easiest decoration you can have that adds so much to the ambience and feel of a party – choose from lanterns, bulb lighting, fairy lights or even candles for this effect

Top 5: outdoor party ideas

Flowers // pick something bright and colourful, a mixed eclectic bunch from the garden is much easier (not to mention cheaper) than bought flowers. Place on tables, and side tables around the garden

Top 5: outdoor party ideas

Use disposable cutlery and plates for a quick and easy clean up // you can buy cute and environmentally friendly wooden forks, plates and paper straws online or from your local party shop – choosing either plain or patterned depending on your style

Top 5: outdoor party ideas

Decorations // try bunting, cake toppers or even a colourful piñata for your next outdoor party! They not only look good but will give your guests something fun to do when the sun goes down

Outdoor party_stylemeeasy

Food // easy food ideas can go a long way – try something simple like a spit roast or bbq which not only feeds a lot of people but is easy for the clean up too!


Check out my Pinterest page for more outdoor ideas or feel free to share your own in the comments box below!


Above images via Pinterest



My week of simpleness { or lack of }


My week of simpleness



This week I have been very offline. The most offline I think I have been since starting my blog almost five months ago. Right from the start I have delved into this head first – loving every minute of it. Everything I am learning, all the new people I am meeting and the fact that I am being pushed out of my comfort zone on a regular basis would have to be my highlight. Through all the challenges and changes I have faced, I have loved nothing more than becoming engrossed in this online world. Not only following fellow bloggers and learning about their worlds, but also starting to appreciate the freedom that comes with being so open and honest in sharing your dreams and inspirations.

After a fabulous start to the week, where little one’s were born, and new possibilities came into my life, I also heard the sad news of people passing – some I knew and some I didn’t, but all in all it has made me sad. Not only does it make me reflect on how important life is and how much we take for granted, it has also made me miss the people no longer in my life and wonder if that’s the way life should be. As so well pointed out above if we miss someone shouldn’t we just call? Or if we have a question can’t we just ask? If only life could be so simple all the time – I think the world would be a better place.  So this week I am keeping it simple and having a week offline. I will leave my internet perusing and party planning to next week where I will be fresh with ideas and ready for new beginnings.

I hope you all enjoy being in the here and now this week, as will I.


Above image via: behappy.me


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