WANDERLUST + the so called travel bug

I love it when I met someone who has just got the travel bug. What a contagious energy they give off. Anticipation of far away places, dreaming of exotic food and meeting friends to last a lifetime.

The freedom that comes with travels and the responsibilities we loose…

Oh give me a little wanderlust any day xx


WanderlustWanderlustWanderlust WanderlustWanderlust

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Top 5: ideas to spruce up your CHRISTMAS TABLE

Nothing gets me more into the Christmas spirit than planning what I am going to put on my Chrissy table for lunch (and I’m not talking about the food!). Whether it be simple and easy, or glamorous and three courses – the effort behind a beautiful table never goes to waste. A sweet and simple table can take no time at all, and it certainly doesn’t need to be expensive, all you need are a few ideas and a little inspiration.

Here are my top 5: ideas to spruce up your Christmas table this year


Christmas table top

Flowers + ivy // every table starts with a good centerpiece and adding some flowers from the garden or greenery such as ivy is a great place to start. It’s cheap and accessible – and can either be laid flat or placed into vases

Christmas table top

Place cards // a great addition to any table and can easily be decorated with ivy or rosemary (a great substitute for Christmas greenery). I usually use my left over Christmas gift tags for this – after writing on guests names, I either lay flat on top of serving plates or tie with string or ribbon around cutlery

Christmas table top

Ornaments // either in bowls, vases or just scattered around are great to use as a centerpiece for your table. They add lots of colour, as well as keeping with the theme of your tree

Christmas table top

Cherries // are the ultimate for an Aussie Christmas. They are healthy, fresh and super summery. Just place in the middle of the table in bowls for guests to enjoy (if your guests prefer something a little naughtier – chocolates are good too!)

Christmas table top

Pinecones // are fun to use if you are going for a more traditional Christmas theme. You can spray paint them or leave them natural, hang on string in doorways, or just place on the table.


I hope you are starting to get a little festive… check out my Pinterest for more Christmas inspo x

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Loving your locals: Christmas Hampers

Farm Gate Cheese Christmas Hampers

I know when it comes to Christmas – more often than not – you always have that one person to buy for that you don’t know very well. Whether it be your boss, your partners mum or the next door neighbour, you still want to buy them something they will really love.

Christmas Hampers to me have a little something for everyone, and have seriously come so far since back in the day. These days they are full of organic, fresh, Australian made produce, which you know everyone is going to love. Gone are the days of stale nuts + pretzels, these days we are talking gourmet cheeses, organic sweets and some super good champagne.

If you’re on the look out, these are a few that take my fancy x


Farm Gate Cheese (pictured above) have a great selection of cheeses (as the name states) as well as fabulously matched wines and jams. You can select which cheese you want, and they will even christmas wrap especially for you.

The Hamper Emporium have such a huge range, you will defiantly find something for even the hardest to buy for. They have savoury and sweet options, and even include free delivery.

Turner & Lane one of my favourite homeware shops are now doing gourmet basket hampers. They come with biscuits, relish, jam, and nougat, with the option of adding wine to any hamper.

The Perfect Hamper have an amazing selection of olive oils, pana chocolate (yum!), coffee and muesli… and also have free delivery to most major cities.

A Little Luxury have some seriously good Chrissy hampers. From champagne to chocolates, to pudding and white brandy sauce.

I don’t know about you, but after all this I just want to buy one for myself!


It’s begining to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

Christmas inspo

In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is only five weeks away and I’m starting to get a little excited! I’m sure you have all noticed the bountiful amount of decorations already up in stores while Christmas carols are sneakily being played in the background. I am a bit of a softy for this time of year, especially when it calls for planning a party or putting up decorations. This year I seem to be noticing all the simple styles out there, the earthy tones and soft colours being used as opposed to the bright and sparkly ones I used last year.

I’m thinking of adding a little bit of nature with flowers + vine leaves to my Christmas table this year – along with some gold additions. Keep an eye out for my top 5 Chrissy table setting ideas up next week, but in the meantime, here’s what I’m loving at the moment to get the ideas flowing x


Simple leafy wreath

Vine + flower table setting by the sweetest occasion

Merry christmas tags + gold ornaments by father rabbit

Beaten copper cutlery by shelley panton


Happy Mantra: I believe

Happy Mantra Yellowpeaches


My happy mantra this week is more like an affirmation really. A super great reminder I need sometimes when I can get a little off track, dwell to much on the past or worry about the future. It’s nice to be reminded that the universe has my back – as much as the controller in me likes to come out and question her – ask her – hold up… are you sure you know what you’re doing?? Time and time again I am reminded that she does, and I can continue on my merry little way.

So a reminder for our Monday or perhaps a new affirmation for the week



FLOWERS, FRIENDS + a weekend in the country

I visited the country last weekend, just south of Ballarat to be exact…, where I spent majority of Saturday and Sunday celebrating the last of my girlfriends to hit the big 3-0!! Eeeps I was excited. A good old fashioned garden party it was, hosted by a 150 year old heritage listed house, with champagne flowing and the sun shining who wouldn’t be really.

The gorgeous birthday girl put on a fabulous weekend, and everyone left feeling refreshed and happy. I still can’t work out whether it was the country air, the humbleness of the hosts or just the energy of the night that made me feel so good – but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make such a memorable night. Good food, great friends and somewhere just to be together xx



// stunning Clifton Villa who hosted us for the weekend //


// grand old entrance – the country life //


// table settings of peonies + natives – the birthday girls favourites //


// table setting + flowers by me //

I wish I had more photos to share with you… but I guess that’s what happens when you are having too much fun!


Thank you to the Holcombes for hostings + making my weekend so wonderful – here’s to another 30 years of celebrating together xx


Summer hat-spiration

There is something so stylish about a women wearing a hat. A woman that can pull off a hat more to the point. Finding the perfect hat, that flatters your face and your outfit is like winning all day every day. They not only look fabulous, but they protect us from that infamous aussie sun and hide our bad hair days! We love you summer hats, please let me wear you this summer – and hopefully before my next holiday!


Summer hat inspo Summer hat inspoSummer hat Summer hat Summer hat

#hatcrush #summerlove

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