Happy Mantra: happiness




It’s as simple as that. When life gets in the way, with all the responsibilities and commitments we have, it can get pretty easy to forget to do things just for us. Things that make us genuinely happy. Whether it’s taking that evening walk, or wearing that hot orange lipstick – what I don’t get is, why don’t we do more of it. If it makes you feel so good, and helps you too see the world through different eyes then why not. Never underestimate the importance of these little things. Doing things that make us happy not only allow us to be more positive, motivated and creative but they give you purpose and focus in the every day. So why not do something that makes you happy today. Even if it’s the smallest thing. It could just make your day xx


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Living sustainably – with Grown & Gathered

I can’t seem to get enough of sustainable living at the moment. I love the idea of living in a world where we live off the earth, eating what we grow, trading instead of using the good old cash, and living waste free. I use the term ‘idea’ lightly, as to me it really is just an idea or a dream to live completely like that. I do hope however, that we can all make a difference some way – and even just by making small changes, we can ultimately be the difference we want to see in the world.

One change that I have made recently is buying my produce from farmers markets and local suppliers when I can, and in that discovering new Melbourne talent. Some amazing guys I have come across lately are the very sustainable Grown and Gathered. If you haven’t heard about these gorgeous two – you should really check them out. They run a farm about one and a half hours drive from Melbourne, farming seasonal, organic vegetables, fruit, milk + flowers. You can not only visit their farm for workshops, use them for events, but also order their seasonable veggie boxes for home and trade for any of their flowers. Such a delight. And I really do take my hat off to them, if there were more people like this around the world would quite frankly be a better place.


Grown and GatheredGrownandgathered Grown and GatheredGrown and GatheredGrown and GatheredGrown and Gathered


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B A T H R O O M inspired

Bathroom Inspiration


When renovating a bathroom or any part of your home for that matter – the first step for me has always been putting my ideas onto paper. And with that I mean taking all those fabulous ideas you have running around in your head and putting them somewhere you can actually see them. Nothing like a bit of visual stimulation to get your ideas flowing and to help make your ideas a reality. I love a little visualising and this my friend is no different. I could sit for hours trawling over bathroom inspiration and have been doing just that over the last few weeks for my up and coming bathroom renos. Not only does it give me ideas but also inspires me to actually start the whole process. Once I have things on paper, I feel much more confident, more in control that I know what I’m doing, which usually gives me the kick I need to begin. So here is to beginning my bathroom renovations, yes, it has been a long time coming, but I’m excited to say the least.

I’m loving subway tiles, shelving, greenery + wood

And above all clean, crisp, sharp lines 

Would love to hear of any tips and tricks you may have for bathroom renos too xx

Bathroom Inspiration

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Friday link love x

James Tutton


oh my gosh – is it the end of March already…? With Easter around the corner, and Autum well on its way, I see more couch nights and weekends spent indoors. Not terribly a bad thing, I do love the cold for many of those reasons. But just to get you buy this chilly Friday – here are some things I’m loving this month…

James Tutton’s gorgeous mornington peninsula home (bedroom pictured above) at the design files

Some sweet office inspiration at boden

Fiddle leaf crushing over at I Spy DIY

and some wise words by the wonderful Corinne Dobbas on how to forgive yourself to feel good



Top 5: tips + tricks for your next dessert table

A dessert table can be such a sweet feature to add to any party, and these days not only are they for baby showers and 1st birthdays, but for weddings and parties of all sorts too. They really are super easy to style, and give your guests something to do and enjoy while at your party. From pink and gold themes, to vintage and rustic the ideas are endless x

Here are my top 5: tips + tricks for your next dessert table


top 5: dessert table

Start with a theme or colour in mind // from your sweets, to decorations, to your table cloth, picking the same or like colours that go well together will give your table an instant style and everything will work much better

top 5: dessert table

Using decorations // or a backdrop can also help pull the table together. Bunting, fans, balloons or signage are a great place to start

top 5: dessert table

Try to use // different sized and styles of cake stands, jars, vases and plates. If sticking to your theme this will look great and give your table some depth. Just make sure you are symmetrical when you places things, using maybe your cake or a main decoration for your feature in the middle

Add labels // either hand written, printed or chalk boards signs are an easy way to start

top 5: dessert table

And don’t forget // your table can be busy or minimal – don’t think it has to be full to the brim to look good. Just a few great desserts, some champagne glasses and greenery and you’re there!



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G E N D E R reveal party fun


Ever wondered how to share the excitement of finding out the gender of your baby with those you love? Throwing a gender reveal party of course!!

These sweet parties are fast becoming the talk of the town, from cake reveals to balloons in a box, the ideas are endless. The main concept behind a gender reveal party – is after your twenty week scan and some secret business with your doctor, you can invite family and friends over to reveal the gender of your baby all together. Your party can be celebrated as well or instead of your usual baby shower, and guests can easily be part of the fun with guessing games and boy or girl teams.

Some fun ideas to reveal the gender are …

  • Releasing pink or blue balloons out of a box
  • Cutting a cake to reveal a pink or blue coloured inside
  • Filling a piñata with pink or blue lollies or confetti
  • Confetti push pops – full of pink or blue confetti to pop with your guests

The gender can be secret to both you and your guests (aka getting your doctor to put the gender into a sealed envelope for your baker) or it can just be a surprise to your guests, if you want to arrange some things yourself. But in the end, we can all agree, it certainly is a fun way to celebrate the arrival of your bub!

Lenzo_genderparty Lenzo_genderrevealLenzo_genderparty4Gender reveal party


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Happy Mantra: grateful


If you are a regular reader of my blog you would know I’m a little bit of a fan of being grateful. Being grateful and giving thanks is a big part of my life, and I really do believe it is the key to long term happiness. So I like to throw it in here from time to time, not only to remind myself but to remind you to take some time out and appreciate all that is around you. It doesn’t have to be big things, or even objects, it can be the tiniest of things from your morning cup of coffee to a hug from a friend.


So today I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, for new friends and old, for women who stick together and for the endless opportunities every day you wake up – to get it right.

#grateful #keytohappiness #love

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